Human Resources

Human Resources at Odin Team

People are our most important asset, for without human capital, we couldn’t do our job. It’s possible you couldn’t do yours either. People are what drives us forward and are the foundation of all we do.

The Odin Team knows people matter and we take that knowledge with us wherever we go. Whether we are providing professional training or organizing a day for colleagues to get to know each other better, we believe people come first.

A boutique HR firm focused on results

Odin will provide the client with tailored solutions for its personnel pertaining to talent acquisition and retention offer high quality professional advice to the client enabling it to find the right employees according to the Client’s vacancies.

With years of experience and a broad sense of staffing needs, we are well aware that all companies operate within their own culture. We rapidly understand your unique work environment and are able to pinpoint the person best suited for open positions in your organisation.

The Odin Team services

  • Thorough personalised search
  • Human resources assessment
  • Documentation re wages
  • Hiring and onboarding assistance
  • Strategic leadership advice: offer valuable recommendations for the client based on a thorough review, in order to make sure that all skill and quality prerequisites are met
  • Talent risk audit: assess how the Company’s talent management functions in-depth to identify new ways for improvement and form valuable suggestions for the Company
  • Market overview: observe the global market and research it for a wider range of talents to hire, also exploring the possibilities to hire from adjacent industries

The Odin Team is committed to diversity and are proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We actively search for appropriate candidates without regard to race; color; disability; sex/gender orientation, including gender identity and expression; age; nationality; citizenship; veteran status; marital status; religion; or any other classifications that are protected under local or international law.